Your initial consultation is approximately 90 minutes. Physical, inherited, nutritional, mental, emotional and environmental factors affecting your health are discussed. Discussing food will be a part of your assessment. A focused physical exam is included and/or screening physical exam as indicated. Lab testing when necessary is used.

follow up

Dr. MacKenzie, ND believes in treating what presents as most important at each visit which means there isn't a set process or standardized set of procedures. You are welcome to ask questions about this process. Sometimes emotional and lifestyle concerns are an important part of the initial appointment. In these cases, the second visit may need to be longer to cover important aspects of the naturopathic process. The first follow up visit may also be needed before your full treatment plan is put into effect. This is also reflective of naturopathic medicine as an ongoing process.  It's best to think of it as a relationship over time that meets different needs at different times with different treatments and recommendations more or less important at various points in your life.


Many chronic diseases improve with naturopathic care. Conventional western medicine and naturopathic medicine can work well together. Your blood work and diagnostic imaging can be requested from your medical doctors. Dr. MacKenzie, ND often requests your permission to send notes to your medical doctors or nurse practitioner about your naturopathic treatment plan. With your permission, sometimes she requests to speak with your other providers to ensure your are receiving comprehensive care.


Dr. MacKenzie, ND integrates botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrient repletion, acupuncture, nutritional strategies and counselling to assist patients.  


In House Testing and Examinations

  • Physical exam - blood pressure, reflexes, ear and eye exams etc.

  • Urine analysis

  • Blood glucose testing (random or fasting if arranged for)

  • Basic lung capacity testing

  • Blood oxygen saturation

Ordered when needed

  • Rocky Mountain Analytical Labs (Life Labs)

  • Urine Iodine

  • Salivary hormone testing

  • Vitamin D testing

  • Allergy testing

  • Heavy metal testing


Current Fees*

  • Initial consultation: $175

  • One hour follow up: $120

  • 45 minute follow up: $95 (standard follow up)

  • 30 minutes: $80

  • Acupuncture Treatment Series: each $60

HST not applicable to consultation fees but is to medicines/products in Dr MacKenzie, ND's dispensary.  

*Most extended health care insurance covers naturopathic medicine, please check with your provider for details.  
Fees may changes without notice. 

*You may use your consultation fees as health care deductions on income tax.  


Dr. MacKenzie, ND maintains an onsite and online dispensary.   Because NDs use different approaches most have onsite dispensaries to provide patients with immediate and convenient access to the recommendations made. These recommendations are made with the best out comes for patients as the priority. Dr. MacKenzie, ND ensures the cost is within typical market range and is mindful of cost to patients.  Please discuss any concerns about cost of treatment with her.  In some cases comparable products may be easily found at pharmacies or health food stores. Unfortunately Dr. MacKenzie, ND cannot know all the products available at pharmacies and other stores and. When she does know of comparable products that may be more affordable she will let you know that. You are welcome to try different products but NDs are required to make specific recommendations and due to the nature of the natural health product industry at this time cannot guarantee the quality of all products not in their dispensaries.