The Concept Behind the Name Two Worlds Medicine

Two Worlds Medicine

Imagining holistic health care...

Two Worlds Medicine is a name I chose because it reflects how I see the complexities of health and well being.  There are always two worlds within us all - home and work, sleep and waking, the real and imagined; dreams and the waking world; the sky and the earth, water and fire, conventional and naturopathic medicine.  We are all constantly navigating the complexities of our life in this way.  



The word medicine is derived from the Latin word "ars medicina", meaning the art of healing.

(wikipedia) Therefore medicine can include the skillful application of: substances, (herbs, drugs, nutrients), the interactions between people (therapy), prayer, meditation, music, or life saving and improving surgeries.  All of these applications can bring us to a more healthful state.  Therefore, medicine, the art of healing, is all around us, just as it is within your doctor and nurse when they care for you; it's more than just what we take into our bodies.  
Naturopathic medicine is based in clinical medical science and this is vitally important to the delivery of good public health care, made clear by the advances in health we have had from conventional care.  That naturopathic medicine is based in clinical science helps assure doctors and patients that NDs clearly understand that all facets of medicine are important for health care.  

Imagine Two Worlds....

Of equal importance to our collective health and well being is imagination. Imagination, creativity and vitality, are vitally important to healing and to a dynamic and rewarding life.  The concept of Two Worlds Medicine serves as a link between clinical medicine, the expert advice you receive from your MDs, NPs, and NDs, and the other worlds of imagination, creativity and healing.  

Two Worlds Medicine invites you to begin a process of discovering what holistic health care is with naturopathic medicine that will empower you to understand you health and wellness.  

Imagine holistic health care and perfect holistic health...

*Holistic: characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. (good ole google definition ;) 

Erin MacKenzie ND